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Marshawn Lynch didn’t screw over the Seahawks

July 16th, 2017 at 8:31 AM
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Reading the comments of Kenneth Arthur’s recent piece about what non-Seahawks to watch for, I was shocked to read some post-Seattle hatred against new Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch. Sure, I wasn’t expecting people to don silver and black and root for him because as exciting as some players are, we mostly Seahawks fans first. For example:

“[Marshawn] fucked over the Seahawks for money, and then for spite. Fuck him.”

“[Marshawn] basically took a year off on our dime to fvck around the world while doing multiple interviews where he looked at the camera saying “I’m done.” Then he turns around and decides to play again for a different team when we had zero leverage to get anything for him.”

“He fucked the team over because of XLIV. And that asinine conspiracy theory he cooked up. I’m sure he’s a great guy to his teammates, but he spent 2015 onwards successfully exacting revenge on the organization.”

It is an odd “revenge” that saves the “victim” millions of dollars and allows them to keep his playing rights for two more years. In fact, his retirement benefited the Seahawks.


It’s Super Bowl 50.

Marshawn Lynch is 30 and has nearly 2,400 carries on his body. He has just had his worst professional season, playing in only seven games, and being on the …

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