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Ryan Leaf hit the trifecta when it came to pre-draft snafus

July 14th, 2017 at 7:51 PM
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Three-and-out? No kidding.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, in his new book “The Quarterback Whisperer,” revealed that Washington State QB Ryan Leaf made it easy for the Colts to choose Peyton Manning with the No. 1 pick in the 1998 draft after Leaf:

a) showed up at the NFL combine overweight;

b) blew off a private meeting with Colts coaches; and

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c) got scathing reviews from Pullman residents when Arians came to town and started asking about him.


â?¢ At “Six ways to confront a friend or family member you suspect may be watching NBA Summer League.”

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Watch your elbows

The Class A Potomac Nationals gave away 1,250 Tommy John surgery bobbleheads â?? a headless half-torso with a cutaway elbow.

Replacement rubber bands not included.

Err Jordans?

Ballyhooed Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball shot just 13 percent â?? 2 for 15 â?? in his Summer League debut.

“It’s gotta be the shoes,” chuckled Mars Blackmon.

Money player

Virginia cornerback Chuck Davis won $100,000 playing the state’s “Cash 5″ lottery.

“Lightweight,” sniffed an SEC booster.

Checkbooks in motion

The 29 NFL teams that didn’t move will each collect $55.2 million over the next 11 years from the transplanted Rams, Chargers and Raiders, reported.

And you thought your moving expenses were excessive?

Talking the talk

â?¢ Washington State football coach Mike Leach, to, on the athleticism of 6-8, 370-pound guard Cody O’Connell: “He’s weirdly flexible.”

â?¢ Janice Hough of, on all that’s left to complete the Ball family circus: “Date a Kardashian.”

Pistol Offense Dept.

Bills defensive lineman Adolphus Washington was arrested Sunday for improperly carrying a …

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