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How likely is it that Eddie Lacy will reach his 1,200-yard bonus?

May 18th, 2017 at 10:10 AM
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As expected, the Seattle Seahawks laced Eddie Lacy‘s one-year contract with weight-based incentives, the first of which he earned on Monday when he came in under 255 lbs. Lacy “earned” $55,000 for that one, and he can accumulate a total of $385,000 if he manages to come in under weight for all seven weigh-in dates. However, Lacy can also earn a $1.3 million bonus if he rushes for 1,200 yards this season, a much more significant bump that would make all of those missed opportunities for “China Food” worth it.

But how likely is that?

Even if Lacy doesn’t hit 1,200, he can still earn bonuses for rushing yard totals. Reports have it that he’ll get $250,000 if he finishes with 800 yards, $500,000 at 900, $750,000 at 1,000, and $1 million at 1,100. That’s just a one-time bonus based on where he finishes, not an accumulation with each mark. Still, Lacy can get some serious bank if he commands the lead job at running back and remains healthy and consistent.

The biggest thing standing between Lacy and 1,200 yards is probably not his weight, but his competition. Two years ago, Thomas Rawls led the NFL in DYAR and was second in DVOA when he replaced Marshawn Lynch and made just seven starts. He also led the NFL in yards per carry that season. I still believe that Rawls is one of the most talented backs in the league, it’s just a matter of how long he can stay on the field. It seems to me that the Seahawks added Lacy not to replace Rawls, but to insure the position knowing that they can’t seriously rely on Rawls. Meaning, to me, that the first and second down carries will be shared if both players are healthy.

This would significantly harm Lacy’s chance at even reaching the 1,000-yard mark.

As far as third downs go, those would seem to belong to C.J. Prosise for anything longer than third-and-three. Lacy could get in there on those third-and-two situations, but it’s not like he’s going to be picking up more than two or three yards on most of those types of plays. Between Lacy, Rawls, and Prosise, Seattle already has a three-headed beast (remember when they …

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