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With clock ticking for Seahawks’ nucleus, this NFL draft is crucial

April 20th, 2017 at 6:15 PM
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This is a crucial juncture for the Seahawks’ ongoing run of success, one that seems to be receding before our very eyes.

A team that once was a monument of contentment, narrated to a chorus of Kumbaya â?? before Richard Sherman sarcastically dismissed that term last year in a foreshadowing of future problems â?? the Seahawks are dealing with the seeming disenchantment of their star cornerback, a key player on the field and in the locker room.

Whether that’s an isolated situation or indicative of wider-spread issues is a matter of conjecture. I lean toward the former characterization, despite the overreaction in some quarters to the absence this week of six starters from voluntary workouts. They are “voluntary” for a reason, and the NFL players association has worked hard to remove any negative connotations from skipping them. Yet on top of the ongoing Sherman saga, it does seem curious to see players such as Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril stay away (the latter two doing noble work building schools in Haiti).

But aside even from the issue of team morale, the Seahawks are a franchise that any objective observer would rate as being in the latter stages of their spectacular run of success under the current nucleus. And that makes next week’s NFL draft a crucial moment in the evolution of the ballclub.

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